Secure wireless networks affordable to every size of business

Wireless networks make business easier
and create new opportunities

Wireless networks let you
make the best of your space

The future is wireless

  • Wi-Fi specialists

    Wi-Fi specialists

    By specialising Wireless Head deliver appropriate and dependable Wi-Fi efficiently installed to your budget and needs

    Wi-Fi specialists

    Wi-Fi specialists

  • Wi-Fi site surveys

    Wi-Fi site surveys

    From quick and free with an immediate verbal report to comprehensive and thorough with a detailed written report

    Wi-Fi site surveys

    Wi-Fi site surveys

  • Upgrading WiFi

    Upgrading Wi-Fi

    Even the best Wi-Fi networks need be upgraded periodically to keep pace with technology and expectations

    Upgrading Wi-Fi

    Upgrading WiFi

New WiFi

A site survey is essential before selecting new WiFi

Ask for a free no obligation site survey

Upgrading WiFi

Even the best WiFi needs to be updated periodically

Ask for free expert advice on upgrading your WiFi

WiFi Performance Testing

All WiFi networks can underperform at times

We provide WiFi performance testing services

Wireless building to building links

Wirelessly link networks in separate buildings

to provide IT resource sharing benefits

Mobile and portable Internet

Connect to the Internet wirelessly

for use by people and machine-to-machine

Wireless sensors

Monitor assets, conditions, and processes with

quick and flexibly deployed wireless sensors