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Wireless Head overview

Wireless Head specialise in Wi-Fi, and more broadly wireless technology.
Wireless Head work with trusted associate specialists and partners, and provide subcontract services.
Wireless Head are based in the West Midlands, but operate throughout the UK.
Wireless Head Ltd registered office is 510 Sutton Road, Walsall, WS5 3AY.

Reasons to use Wireless Head

Wireless networks for every budget
By specialising, Wireless Head can maintain current and deep knowledge of Wi-Fi and wireless technology, enabling the most informed and appropriate decisions possible for the varying needs of every size of business.
Highest levels of service
Wireless Head professionalism and specialisation, ensures our solutions are not only appropriate and efficiently installed, but also the most reliable possible. We are proud of our work, and always keen to make sure the best experience is delivered.
Excellent value for money
Our starting point is to deliver the lowest cost system that will meet your requirements. Our industry knowledge enables us to source equipment at the best possible prices. Further, we can quickly bring in additional trusted specialists for particular needs, but only as required to minimise costs and so deliver excellent value for money.
The most appropriate solutions
Wireless Head are independent. We don't make or distribute WiFi equipment, and we don't take commission to 'push' particular brands. So, we always recommend the most suitable solution.
Responsive to emerging problems
If you have an urgent problem we can be there quickly. If necessary, we can lend equipment to circumvent a problem while we find the best permanent solution.
Adaptable to diverse requirements
Our growing range of trusted associate specialists allows Wireless Head to quickly respond to diverse requirements with appropriate expertise. This approach is the most adaptable and scalable approach for managing diverse requirements.
Approachable expertise
We are happy to talk non-technically and for free initially to explore how wireless networks by Wireless Head can advantage your business. A good wireless network is simple to use because a great deal of complexity is hidden. We are well practised in making Wi-Fi easy to understand.

We are confident that we can deliver the best matched wireless network to your needs and at an extremely competitive price

Wireless Head Partners

We partner with PC Cables Ltd for their expertise in installation and maintenance of data cables, wired network equipment, security systems, and other associated equipment.