About Wireless Head Ltd

Wireless Head

About Wireless Head

Wireless Head specialise in providing WiFi and related wireless solutions to businesses
Wireless Head also work with other specialists in partner and subcontract arrangements
Wireless Head are based in the West Midlands, but operate throughout England and Wales
Wireless Head Ltd registered office is 510 Sutton Road, Walsall, West Midlands, WS5 3AY

Reasons to use Wireless Head

Wireless networks for every budget

By specialising, Wireless Head can maintain current and deep knowledge of WiFi and related technologies, resulting in the most informed help possible for every size of business


With decades of experience in IT consultancy, some of it with the world's largest IT consultancies, we believe that we deliver our services at the most professional level

Value for money

Our objective is to deliver the most appropriate solutions at the lowest prices possible. Industry knowledge and relationships enable us to source equipment at the best possible prices, for which we charge only cost. Extensive experience means we are efficient. This combination delivers excellent value for money

The most appropriate solutions

Wireless Head are independent WiFi specialists. We don't make or distribute WiFi equipment. This means we have no incentives to distract us from always recommending the most suitable solution

Responsive to emerging problems

If you have an urgent problem we can be there quickly. If necessary, we can lend equipment to circumvent a problem while we find the best permanent solution

Adaptable to diverse requirements

Trusted associate specialists enable Wireless Head to respond to diverse requirements with appropriate expertise in an efficient and scalable way

Approachable expertise

We are happy to discuss how our solutions can advantage your business and well-practised in making WiFi easy to understand