Retail WiFi

Surveys have shown that people actively seek out and remember where they can get free WiFi access to the Internet. Consequently those that offer free WiFi will see increased numbers of visitors and that is their opportunity to convert them into customers. Where competitors have free WiFi it is still possible to differentiate with a better WiFi experience. WiFi is a very localised service and so an ideal way to improve customer footfall.
A 'captive portal' forces customers to visit a webpage before they can use your WiFi service. This might be useful for promoting special offers, or to raise awareness of events or new products and services. It also gets your website address on their website history list and boosts your website visitor numbers. This will help them find the website again and improve your website ranking.
Knowing where your customers move and spend their time enables more informed decisions. For example about stock and advertisement placement, and the best places to meet and greet them.
Responsive monetization
The dynamic nature of WiFi provides a new way to offer products and services. WiFi connections can be used to quickly inform people of opportunities such as flash sales, new product or stock arrivals, fresh batches of products prepared on the premises, and end of line discounts.
Engagement and reach
Enriching customer experiences with WiFi and simplifying contact with their Facebook friends increases your engagement with your customers and raises the profile of your retail experience with the much wider audience of Facebook friends. This is a powerful tool that if correctly used can amplify your retail presence.
For all retailers impression is important. Your WiFi offering should endorse or ideally enhance the kind of image your business wants to portray. For example, if your business has fast transactions (such as newsagents and take out lunches) it might be a good idea for your WiFi to extend out of the front of your building to encourage people to linger before and after. Making your operation look more popular is a good way of making it more popular. Whereas if you offer a more relaxed indoor experience then good indoor coverage is more important. If your retail environment is carefully crafted you might want your WiFi to be hidden so as not to disturb it. On the other hand if your image is modern and tech friendly you might want your WiFi to be obvious and technical looking. This principle extends to how you promote your WFi offering. It could be a subtle mention at the bottom of a menu or in bold right in the middle of your shop front window.
Return on investment
We continuously monitor product developments for those that can offer an improved ROI. For example, there are very low cost products that offer a basic WiFi service which is useful when there is no neighbouring competition. Then there are more feature rich products that enable better levels of service for the customer, and perhaps tracking of visitor numbers, where they linger, and how often they return. No one WiFi product is suitable for all uses. By specialising we are best placed to ensure that your business gets the most appropriate equipment to deliver the best ROI.
With wireless access to your resources staff can use mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones as they go about their work. This provides potential for streamlined working practice.