WiFi for restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee and tea shops

Promoting products and services
We enable you to promote products and services in an attractive way at the point of sale. For example, you could make an offer of a low cost high margin item more attractive by coupling it with free faster Internet via WiFi. More customers will take that promotion.
Marketing and awareness
We enable you to redirect a guest's first website visit to a webpage of your choice. That webpage can contain anything, but it is often used to highlight special offers, new products, and events. Free outdoor WiFi can cause people to linger. This provides selling opportunities and can create a buzz of popularity.
WiFi equipment being visible is usually fine, but we can completely hide it from view if necessary. We can also route cables in a way that minimises their effect on decoration.
Obviously WiFi as a free service needs to be at a minimal cost. We believe we offer the lowest cost system that delivers what you need.