WiFi Performance Testing

Typical reasons to test WiFi performance

  • A WiFi network, or part of it, seems to be underperforming
  • A newly installed or updated WiFi network is not performing according to its specification
  • Changes that may have a negative impact have been made to a WiFi network, or its environment, or its usage

Typical WiFi performance tests


adequate signal strength for intended uses cases is reached in relevant areas


sufficient real data transfer speed can be sustained


connections do not fail unexpectedly


mobile devices experience uninterrupted connectivity as they move

Network efficiency

network capacity is not wasted on retransmission of data to mitigate other faults


all necessary standards and specifications are implemented effectively


no degradation of service by non-WiFi transmissions/emissions or misconfigured WiFi equipment

Spectrum choice

the most suitable part(s) of the available spectrum are being used

Spectrum efficiency

the best use is being made of the selected spectrum