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Surveying designing and planning WiFi

In simple terms, surveys document what is present, designs document what is intended, and planning enables the two to work together. The world is a complex place, so for many reasons actual WiFi networks may not match their designs closely enough. Consequently, surveys are an essential tool for most sites. Surveying designing and planning WiFi is covered in more detail here

WiFi troubleshooting

Multiple types of test can be combined as required to identify the causes of problems. Occasionally causes are in wired networks. Experience and understanding of WiFi specific problems is essential. The most difficult problems have multiple contributory factors. These can require some creativity and a detailed knowledge of network protocols to resolve. Troubleshooting WiFi is covered in more detail by WiFi forensics and WiFi performance testing.

New and upgraded WiFi

New WiFi networks naturally deliver better value for money than what has gone before, because over time existing features cost less, and more advanced capabilities become available. For the same reasons, existing WiFi networks can be substantially improved or extended for relatively little expense.


Planned support is most appropriate for business-critical networks, especially if heavily used and/or with frequent changes to site layout. Checking and tuning the network regularly keeps it working at its best and potentially heads off problems before they become significant. Otherwise, ad hoc support may be more cost effective and adequate.

Network security

All networks experience sustained automated tests for vulnerabilities. Network security must try to prevent compromises by external threats and from within the network. Fortunately, even small measures significantly reduce risk and are affordable to every size of business. This is a rapidly evolving complex field that requires significant practical experience. Read more on network security.

Wireless links

Wireless links are the quickest way to connect data networks in separate buildings. They range from simple to use at low cost, through to faster and lower latency than almost all businesses require. They can work over many kilometres and recent developments provide very high immunity to interference. Read more on wireless links.

Wireless sensors

Wireless sensors have advantages over wired sensors in some scenarios. Deployment can be quicker, simpler, and cost less. They can be portable and/or mobile. Different wireless technologies can provide variation in range, latency, speed, reliability, and cost of connectivity. The data they provide is becoming increasingly important to inform business decisions. Read more on wireless sensor networks.

Wireless Internet

WiFi revolutionised device connectivity, wireless Internet connections will revolutionise business connectivity. Wireless Internet connections are improving more quickly than their wired counterparts, so that in some locations they can be superior in some ways. They can be portable between sites, used while moving - such as in vehicles, they are quick to setup, are viable for temporary use, and they have alternative pricing options. Clearly, wireless Internet connections are becoming an important part of a business connectivity strategy. Read more on wireless Internet connections.

Using our services

Businesses users

Wireless network services for businesses and organisations using wireless networks

Each business has distinct requirements. We provide the experience and expertise to ensure the most appropriate solution is delivered at the best possible value for money. There is a very broad range of equipment to choose from, and many other factors to consider. As specialists we are well placed to optimally match a solution to requirements and budget, ensuring you pay only for what you need, not more nor less.

Partnering and subcontracting

Partnering and subcontracting realtionships with Wireless Head

Wireless Head often provide services to businesses and organisations wishing to extend their service offerings. For example, professional services companies and property developers can quickly and easily broaden their service offerings, without cost or risk, by sub-contracting to or partnering with Wireless Head. For simple requirements equipment can be supplied pre-configured for easy installation. For more complicated sites we will do the necessary planning and surveying to ensure the correct system is installed, and oversee or provide installation of the equipment. By offering our services in addition to their own, businesses can provide a more complete professional service to their clients with minimal extra effort, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and potentially increase revenue.