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The importance of WiFi for hotels

WiFi is now so important to hotel guests that a website exists just to rate the hotel based on its WiFi.
Hotel WiFi Test enables people to test their WiFi experience while they stay and to comment via Twitter or Foursquare.

A 2014 poll by travel company ebookers.com found, based on responses from 2,000 UK adults, that WiF was rated the most important hotel offering that could be provided to all guests and joint second most important overall. The top three were: [1] Free room upgrade on arrival (55%) [2] Beautiful views from your bed (51%) [3] Free wifi (51%).

The Telegraph and The Huffington Post both report that a 2014 Hotels.com poll of 1,000 travellers from around the world found that WiFi was the most important in-room amenity, and WiF was third for the hotel as a whole, after a free breakfast and an in-hotel restaurant.

A survey on the importance of WiFi in hotels reports many findings, including that "Forrester Consulting discovered that more than 90% of business travellers wanted wifi in their room, and for a third it was a deal breaker" and that "a survey on behalf of Lastminute.com discovered that 27% of UK holidaymakers would refuse to stay in a hotel that did not offer free wifi".

Our WiFi for hotels provides

We enable you to offer multiple speeds of WiFi to your guests. Charging for higher speeds can generate revenue while still allowing you to advertise a free WiFi service.
Internet service guarantees
We make it possible to advertise guaranteed excellent Internet speeds via WiFi, regardless of the number of users. This can be an important offering to differentiate your business. For example, people staying because of work will find guaranteed fast Internet via WiFi useful for completing work when they return to your hotel; businesses holding events at your hotel will be attracted by the option to give their delegates fast Internet over WiFi; and guests who plan to stream a movie from the Internet may want to ensure they have an uninterrupted experience.
Marketing and awareness
We enable you to redirect a guest's first website visit to your choice of webpage to ensure your WiFi users see your messages first. This is often called a 'captive portal' and is typically used to highlight offers, services, and events. Also we can install a system that uses social media logins to capture more information to enable more sophisticated marketing and statistical analysis.
Guest security
We can isolate guests on your network, protecting them from unintended and intentional misuse of your network, such as hacking.
Network reliability
We can minimise the assets on your network that guests can interact with. This protects your network from misuse, making it more robust and so more reliable.
In most hotels WiFi equipment being visible is not a problem, but if necessary we can ensure that it is completely hidden from view. In addition we can route cables so as to minimise any impact on decoration and the fabric of the building.
Minimal costs
We are very aware of the need to keep costs under strict control. We believe we offer the lowest cost solution that delivers what accommodation providers need.


Ely House Hotel

"Wireless Head delivered a WiFi system that met my expectation on price and quality. I found Gary to be helpful and professional with his approach and the solution he has recommended is meeting all our requirements. I certainly recommend them." Ken - Manager at the Ely House Hotel, Wolverhampton.