WiFi for warehouses

Productivity improvement
By streamlining entry of information using UPC barcodes, matrix barcodes (e.g. QR codes), and RFID tags WiFi can speed up work, improve accuracy, and increase knowledge about where items are stored and which vehicles they arrive and depart on.
Asset tracking
WiFi can be used to track the movement of assets, saving time locating them and alerting staff when assets move outside of designated areas.
Unique requirements
The requirements of warehouse WiFi are usually quite different from most other environments. For example, warehouse WiFi needs environmentally sealed equipment. Also it often needs coverage outside and/or reliable connections while moving. In addition warehouses can suffer from strong sources of electromagnetic interference from industrial equipment that must be accommodated. We understand the requirements of warehouse WiFi and are familiar with the WiFi equipment that exists with the necessary features to work well.
We have relationships with distributors of specialist WiFi equipment suitable for warehouses. This helps us to offer extremely competitive prices. Familiarity with this equipment allows us to be efficient at installing it.