Upgrading WiFi

Does your WiFi not cover enough of your business?

Is it too slow in some places or at certain times?

Are connections weak or unstable?

If any of these are true then your workforce may be less efficient than it could be, and so also your business.

These problems may also be attracting negative comments from your customers, or unfavourable comparisons with competitors WiFi networks.

A poor WiFi experience wastes employee time and translates into a negative impression of your business. For businesses such as hotels this can result in an immediate loss of customers, but substandard WiFi always damages the productivity, credibility, and professionalism of any kind of business. Fortunately an excellent WiFi experience is now cheaper than ever in real terms. Instead of damaging your business, WiFi can help it be more efficient and make it look sharper. Can you afford to let your competitors take this advantage when the solution is simple to arrange?

WiFi has recently been improved with 802.11ac introducing significant speed improvements and range improvements. This technology is quickly making its way into consumer products, so expectations are advancing rapidly. Now users don't just expect WiFi, they expect a fast, strong, and stable connection everywhere. This trend is expected to continue with people increasingly using multiple wireless connected devices, the latest of which being 'wearables' such as smart-watches.

In addition, formerly expensive features are now more affordable, allowing you to get extra value from your WiFi. These include sophisticated user and guest management, captive portals to create marketing opportunities, uninterrupted streaming of live video while mobile, and real-time position tracking.

Now is a very good time to upgrade. Months ago 802.11ac was not widely available and expensive. Now many equipment makers have 802.11ac products, so competition has driven down prices quickly. Two years from now 802.11ac will be well embedded, and in four years it will be commonplace. Right now there is an excellent opportunity to improve productivity and differentiate your business from those slower to embrace the future, but at a very affordable price.