Historical fraud and cybercrime statistics

Action Fraud reported 259,292 cases of fraud and cybercrime were recorded by the 43 police forces in England and Wales for the six months from April to September 2016.
That equated to 0.44% of the population in that six months. Extrapolated over 10 years, 8.8% of the population would be a victim, although some people would no doubt be a victim more than once, so somewhat less than 8.8% of people would be a victim that had not been a victim before.
Of those cases of fraud and cybercrime recorded, 12.2% were considered to have viable lines of enquiry but only 1.1% ended in judicial outcomes – some of which would be acquittal. This is not a strong disincentive, so the chances are that fraud and cybercrime will increase.
The top three kinds of frauds were: 107,515 card & online payment fraud; 47,576 credit application fraud; 21,985 fraud against telecom providers.
These calculations used the Office for National Statistics estimate for the mid-2016 population of England & Wales of 58,381,200.