Latest fraud and cybercrime statistics

Over three months from April to June 2018 the ONS received 130,519 reports from the public and businesses in England and Wales who said they had been a victim of fraud or cybercrime. However, they note “that there are severe levels of underreporting”.
Extrapolated over 10 years, 8.9% of the population would be a victim, although some people would no doubt be a victim more than once, so somewhat less than 8.9% of people would be a victim that had not been a victim before. This is a slight increase on the figure obtained from the six months from April to September 2016 and explicitly includes businesses as victims this time.
They also note that people more likely to fall victim to fraud or cyber offences than any other crime.
These calculations used the Office for National Statistics estimate for the mid-2017 population of England & Wales of 58,744,595.