Wireless services


Wireless Head offer a comprehensive range of Wi-Fi services to deliver authoritative results:

Planning and surveys

Planning usually involves software simulations of Wi-Fi deployments. Specialised site surveys are often used to test and tune such plans. Site surveys are also used to validate completed deployments, to show conformance to design and specifications. Finally, site surveys are of course essential to discover the causes of problems, and so remediate them. Surveys and planning are covered in more detail here.


Problems with Wi-Fi networks are common. Often this is because of poor planning, but sometimes the environment changes, making the design less suitable, and so degrading Wi-Fi performance. It is also common to find ad hoc changes made without a strong understanding of Wi-Fi, that diminish the Wi-Fi network. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi is covered in more detail here with Wi-Fi forensics.

New and upgraded Wi-Fi

New Wi-Fi networks naturally deliver better value for money than what has gone before, because over time existing features cost less, and more advanced capabilities become available. For the same reasons, existing Wi-Fi networks can be substantially improved or extended for relatively little expense.


Our objective is to deliver the most appropriate Wi-Fi network and support possible, at the best price possible. Sometimes this can mean planned support, other times ad hoc or per incident support is better suited. For example, small Wi-Fi networks with low performance requirements in stable environments will likely be fine without any support arrangement. Ad hoc support then is just a phone call or email away. At the other end of the scale, if your Wi-Fi network is business critical and heavily used, with frequent changes to site layout, checking it regularly will ensure it keeps working at its best.

Wireless link

Wireless Head provide a quick low cost way to connect data networks in separate buildings using wireless links. To do this well requires specialist knowledge and equipment.

Wireless links are sometimes called wireless bridges, or microwave links. They range from simple low cost half duplex connections, to full duplex connections faster than fibre optic cables. They can be imagined as smart cables, because they can be dynamically configured to change their properties. It is usually expensive to run a data network cable between buildings. By contrast wireless links are relatively cheap to install and run. Recent improvements in wireless links mean they now deliver fast and reliable connections over many kilometres. Read more on wireless links.

Wireless sensors

Wireless Head know how to bring the advantages of this kind of wireless system to business.

Wireless sensors have advantages over wired sensors in some scenarios. They can operate as portable and/or mobile sensors. Also, deployment of wireless sensors can be quicker, simpler, and cost less. Wireless sensors can use wireless networks based on relatively low frequencies that give them unique characteristics and advantages in certain situations. As their cost falls they are becoming an increasingly important contributor to monitoring, informing the businesses that use them. They are also a key ingredient of the much hyped 'Internet of things'. Read more on wireless sensor networks.

Wireless Internet connection

Wireless Head have the knowledge and tools to deploy a wireless Internet connection and to get the best from it. It is important to maximise the potential of a wireless Internet connection because that onetime exercise substantially affects its performance thereafter. Wireless Head can deliver systems from a simple temporary wireless Internet connection through to permanent high speed and high throughput systems with multiple simultaneous bonded connections for guaranteed uptime.

Wireless Internet connections have only recently become viable for general purpose use through the introduction of 4G LTE to the UK, but big improvements to it are scheduled to arrive quickly. Wireless Internet connections will become a much more common feature in business, providing new opportunities. They can be portable between sites, used while moving - such as in vehicles, they also are quick to setup, are viable for temporary use, and they have alternative pricing options such as pay-as-you-go. Read more on wireless Internet connections.

Using wireless services

Permanent wireless networks

Wireless network services for businesses and organisations using wireless networks

Each business and organisation has distinct requirements. We provide the expertise to ensure the most appropriate solution is delivered at the best possible value for money. There is a very broad range of wireless network equipment to choose from, and many other factors to consider. As specialists in this field we are well placed to optimally match a wireless network to requirements and budget, ensuring you pay only for what you need, not more nor less.

Partnering and subcontracting

Partnering and subcontracting realtionships with Wireless Head

Wireless Head often provide wireless network services to businesses and organisations wishing to extend their service offerings. For example, professional services companies and property developers can quickly broaden their service offerings, without cost or risk, by sub-contracting to or partnering with, Wireless Head. We select the correct equipment for locations inside, outside, and difficult environments like spas and places with a high density of people, such as rooms used for seminars and lectures. For simple requirements, the equipment can be supplied pre-configured for easy installation. For more complicated sites we will do the necessary planning and surveying to ensure the correct system is installed, and oversee or provide installation of the equipment. By offering wireless network services in addition to their own specialisms, businesses and organisations can provide a more complete professional service to their clients, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and potentially increase revenue. Wireless Head make excellent wireless network services quick and easy to offer.

Temporary wireless networks

Users of temporary wireless networks

Wireless Head can supply complete wireless networks designed to be setup quickly for temporary use indoors or out. They can add wireless capability to wired networks, or improve an existing wireless network capability, or provide completely independent wireless networks using one or more wireless Internet connections, perhaps for security or performance reasons. Typical uses: seminar / conference / exhibition, temporary premises, shared private movable networks e.g. teams of itinerant employees delivering consultant professional services, shared private mobile networks - such as in car / train / coach, while an existing network is unreliable, or portable offices such as at construction and demolition sites. Wireless Head simplify the task of organising a temporary wireless network.